The Tart Propane Sales Experience

Our Products

Tart Propane provides the highest quality products we can, and we promise the best pricing possible. Our propane appliances carry good warranties. Please visit our product page to view our great product selection. Most of our items have a “next day” availability. When you buy from a professional like Tart Propane and not one of the “big box” stores, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best products and service.

Price Locking

As part of our quality sales mission, we allow our propane customers to “lock in” their prices in the summer when propane prices are lowest.

Budget Payment Program

We offer a convenient budget payment option to our customers which is very useful, especially to anyone on a fixed income. For our existing customers, we calculate your usage from the previous year to get monthly payment amount that is budget friendly. For our new customers, we calculated the monthly payment based on history from customers with a similar home size and heating requirement. There is no reason to worry about unpredictable spikes in usage during the cold winter months.

The Tart Propane Installation & Service Experience

Installation & Service

We provide professional installation and service for our products. Our service techs are experienced and extensively trained in the industry. And they are very friendly and professional, too. We can be contacted 24 hours a day for emergency needs.

Automatic Delivery

Tart Propane strives for delivery excellence and we want to remove the worry that you could run out of propane – especially in the dead of winter during long cold snaps. We monitor your usage so that you do not need to call us to schedule a delivery.

Cylinder Fill & Repair

Our customers know that we can fill a propane cylinder less expensively than the local convenience store. When you bring your cylinder to us for a refill, you are going to get a great price and we also make sure your cylinder is in good shape. If there is a problem with it, we can usually fix it cheaper than what a new cylinder would cost. If you need cylinder fill or repair for a fork lift or buffer tank, we can handle that too.